Flintfox for leadership teams

See the big picture

Have complete visibility over every aspect of your finances, giving you the intel you need to drive your profits and grow.

Rebate management
Complete end-to-end visibility in real-time

Know exactly where you stand, at any given moment.

Automate payments and claims for speed and accuracy

Never overpay or miss out on revenue.

Boost your cash flow

Streamline your processes for improved cashflow and a more productive workforce.

Pricing Engine
Boost productivity

Automation cuts hours of admin so your staff can focus on the big picture.

A more motivated workforce

Less time spent on admin = a more fulfilled and engaged workforce.

100% auditable and reportable

Complete visibility of how every price was calculated in a click.

Margin reporting
Real-time visibility

Have complete visibility over every aspect of your finances at all times.

Interrogate your margins from every angle

Access high quality and highly accurate data and unearth hidden opportunities for incremental gains.

React fast

Have the ability to act fast to every opportunity to maximise your margins and generate loyalty.

Omnichannel Pricing
Sharpen your focus

Automate highly targeted, highly accurate price strategies across all channels to maximise revenue.

Satisfy your clients

Build trust and loyalty with your clients by delivering accurate pricing every time.

Grow your offering

Have the flexibility to branch out into new emerging channels.

Tools that will transform your day-to-day

Comprehensive dashboard

Have real-time visibility across every aspect of your pricing.

One centralized platform

A unified solution for more efficient way of working.

Price at scale

Handle 1,000s of prices and cut hours of admin.

Fully embedded in Microsoft Dynamics

And fully compatible with your existing ERP.

Automated, accurate transactions

Reduce lost revenue and boost productivity.

Audit compliant history

Be audit ready at any given time.

With Flintfox’s ability to handle thousands of trade agreements, the productivity and efficiency gains have been massive.
Phil Hackney

Chief Operating Officer, The Very Group

Unleash your true potential today

Boost your business with a truly powerful pricing engine