Unlock total rebate visibility and accuracy

Whether invoicing or paying, it’s never been simpler to control cash flow

Rebates made easy, from invoicing to collection

Maximise profits

With intelligent rebate management, you get total visibility. No more missed growth incentive targets, no more spreadsheet mistakes or revenue leakage – just a clear view of cash flow.

Save wasted time

Get all the rebate information you need in an instant. No more waiting until the end of the month: processing rebates with different vendor incentives, promotional structures and membership agreements has never been faster.

Build trust with trading partners

Get total payment transparency with line-by-line invoice information you can easily pass on to vendors. Without mistakes or margin for error, they can see you’re a collaborative partner.

Save valuable time

Businesses waste 71 hours per day on manual pricing. No more. Get 100% accurate rebates when you automate the process, with a system you can set up and forget about. It’s that easy.

Increase order volumes

When you simplify rebates, you can focus on building value instead. Dive into the data to see where you can maximise ROI, where rebate agreements aren’t working and where to invest most.

Build better trading relationships

Nothing stunts a business relationship like debt. Pay on time, all the time, with a system that takes away the complex rebates process – leaving you to focus on more important things.

Product Features

Rebate management, at a glance

Instant Margin visibility

No more waiting until the end of the month to see margin growth or cash flow. Get a full view, instantly.

Easy to manage

Simply set pricing rules upfront and forget about them - no need for complex coding or number crunching.

Personalized pricing

No pricing structure too complex, your rebate programs can be as nuanced as you need them to be.

Seamless integration

Works with any Windows cloud computing technology, from Azure and AWS to Oracle Cloud.

Automated payments

Lighten the load by automating payments, claims and deductions to free up your workforce.

Reportable and auditable

See how every price was calculated at the click of a button in lightening speed and with pinpoint accuracy.

‘With Flintfox’s ability to handle thousands of trade agreements, the productivity and efficiency gains have been massive. An out of the box solution that fulfilled 80% of The Very Group’s requirements, as well as its low cost relative to the alternatives, and a wealth of industry expertise, made the Flintfox choice a no brainer!’
Phil Hackney

Chief Operating Officer The Very Group

Goodbye spreadsheets, hello simplicity

Boost your business with a truly powerful pricing engine