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Managing and implementing price changes can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with numerous items and trade agreements. Flintfox simplifies this process, allowing you to change prices within the trade agreement seamlessly. You can duplicate agreements to update multiple items simultaneously, set date ranges, and adjust prices line-by-line with ease. This streamlined approach ensures that your pricing strategies remain flexible and responsive to market demands.

Flintfox also facilitates an efficient approval process, both internally and externally. You can request and receive notifications of approvals, ensuring that all price changes are thoroughly vetted before being applied. Once approved, the price changes are automatically applied to the trade agreement, maintaining accuracy and consistency across your pricing structures. With Flintfox, implementing price changes at scale has never been easier or more efficient.

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What it does

Our platform facilitates the efficient implementation of price changes at scale. You can modify prices directly within the trade agreement simultaneously.

By setting a specific date range, users can change prices line-by-line, which streamlines the process. The system supports both internal and external approval requests, notifying users once approvals are received.

Upon approval, the price changes are automatically applied to the trade agreement, ensuring seamless updates across the board.

What it solves

What it solves

Flintfox ensures that price updates are instantly integrated into your system, significantly reducing the potential for margin leakage.

By minimizing administrative time and curtailing errors associated with manual processes, our platform ensures that pricing strategies are executed with precision and efficiency.

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The outcome

Flintfox’s functionality allows organizations to easily implement price changes at scale.

With our platform, you can create a streamlined, error-free process that enhances operational efficiency and financial accuracy. This capability is essential for maintaining competitiveness and responsiveness in dynamic market conditions.

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