Introducing Flintech by Flintfox

Almost 12 months ago, we embarked on a journey of transformation and dove head-first into the depths of our 30-year-strong business to uncover a path forward that would propel us to new heights of success.

What became clear is we had two sides distinct sides of the business; with one side focusing on being a global leader in the ISV world, the other a highly credited Microsoft Dynamics SI. 
So, to deliver the best possible experience for our customers, we decided to separate the brands. With that separation comes a dedicated brand identity and brand new website for our SI practice – Flintech.



Flintech will be independent of Flintfox while remaining a part of the same family. It will be solely responsible for our Dynamics services, while Flintfox will continue to operate as an ISV.



With 30+ years’ of experience behind the helm, we want our audience to know our biggest strength, something that is unmatched by our competitors.


Our People



What better way to communicate that than having our people as the heroes in our brand? Flintech is a business born from real people, offering real solutions, and delivering real results. We hope you enjoy your sneak peek into our newest family member, Flintech. Check out our new website or connect with us on LinkedIn.